After decades of searching for the right wheel for the Office Swivel Chair, we finally found a solution that meets the chair’s quality in all.

The pp502 office swivel chair was designed by Wegner in 1955. The first versions of the chair was furnished with simple office wheels that did not work satisfactorily. Later came the characteristic ball wheels, which both aesthetically and functionally fit the chair better.

Over the years, many different qualities of ball wheels have been used depending on changing suppliers, and during periods of Johannes Hansen’s production of the chair, the entire chassis has even been replaced by various variants of industrial frames with associated wheels. Since 1990, when we took over the license to produce the chair, we have developed a silver-soldered stainless steel frame according to the original drawings.


After several years of working to optimize the quality of the frame, our stock of a 20-year-old remnant of German-made ball wheels has now been used up, and we have reached a point where it is no longer possible to buy a wheel that is both aesthetic and functional usable. That is why we have developed a wheel ourselves!

Our permanent specialist blacksmith Michael Frilund manufactures the wheel in solid stainless steel with inlaid ball bearings and cast rubber. The ball is precisely cut on a CNC milling cutter so that it appears completely clean shaped, and the mechanical quality is unprecedented.