Commitments and social responsibility of PP Møbler

We welcome all ages, gender and ethnicity

We welcome all employees at PP Møbler, regardless of age, gender and ethnicity. The only important qualifications are skill and commitment.

Our production requires highly skilled craftsmen, which is why it is important that our employees stay with us for as long as possible, and if at times business is a little slow, we produce for storage to avoid redundancies.

Also employees, who have surpassed pension age, can stay on if they want to. We do not force people into retirement.

In order to improve the work environment, we have built a new extraction system, and separate extraction systems are provided near all workbenches and machines in order to reduce the amount of wood dust in the production areas. The system has electricity-reducing and frequency-monitored motors that register when a machine is in use, and then automatically starts extraction.

We have installed two computerized moulding machines that do much of the work that previously involved great risks for the cabinetmakers.

All our main subcontractors are Danish. This is partly to ensure that our products maintain the very best quality, but also to ensure that production is carried out in a secure work environment.

We encourage all our employees to take responsibility and help reduce energy spending.


Going greener, limiting the use of energy and chemicals

  • Only choosing sustainable wood
    At PP Møbler we primarily use wood from Danish and German forests in order to guarantee the best quality, to ensure a minimum of transportation, and to safeguard against the use of illegally logged wood from developing countries. 
  • Investing in a chip-boiler
    We have reduced our yearly CO2 outlet by approximately 38 tons. We burn chips, shavings and sawdust left over from our production, and that way we heat the workshop, offices and hot water as well as drying out the wood used in production.
  • The ventilation system
    is attached to the chip-boiler, which cross-alternates; heating up cold, clean incoming air by utilizing heat from the extraction system. This ensures that the workshop stays warm despite heavy extraction.

  • LCA-screened subcontractors
    We have LCA-screened our subcontractors, to ensure that they supply only environmentally friendly materials. 

  • Sustainable insulation
    The roof on the workshop is insulated with paper wool, which is also noise reducing. At the time of installation, however, paper wool had not yet been approved as insulation, so we had the necessary fire prevention tests carried out ourselves. The production of paper wool is not as energy consuming as the production of traditional insulation materials. The insulation has also helped reduce the noise level from 50 to 42 decibels, which is of great importance as the workshop is located within a residential area. 
  • A more environment friendly glue and surface treatment
    Old glues and lacquers have been replaced with primarily water-based ones, which improves the indoor climate and reduces the level of toxins in the production areas. We have undertaken several technological future-proofing steps that are pollution, energy, and resource reducing. 
  • Saving energy
    Our computerised moulding machine is far more efficient than the old ones and so it saves not only time but also energy. The chip-boiler saves us approximately DKR 100.000 on gas bills, annually.

  • Measuring our CO2 emissions
    We have documented our in-house use of CO2 in terms of electricity, heating and the use of wood, which will also help us focus on cost reducing measures.
  • Power reducing fluorescent tubes
    In all production areas only power reducing fluorescent tubes are used as lighting, and sensors are installed ensuring that lights in the storage room, the corridors and outside are only turned on when needed. We also have a central switch system that turns all lights off when the workshop is locked up for the evening, which ensures that all unnecessary electrical appliances are disconnected.



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