Core values

We believe in walking the talk, embracing the values of Quality, Credibility and Eco Awareness

PP Møbler – Founded on skills and true to our heritage

The house of PP Møbler is originated in the love of wood and innovation. It is vital to the company to stay true to its heritage.

PP Møbler is founded on skills well performed, which outlast changing times and tendencies, and quality has been in the centre of the production since 1953.

Our production is based on classic Wegner designs, which allow us to concentrate on doing the same better every day. Consequently innovation in technology and materials is on going, and we never cease to work on improvements to existent designs.

We challenge the boundaries of materials and crafts to evolve methods to conquer new ways of making the furniture. Visiting the workshop you will see special made machinery custom made to produce PP pieces not found anywhere else.

We perform experiments and participate in research to evolve new ways of handling the materials and doing the craft.  Every piece at PP Møbler has undergone an evolution from the first day up to now.  That’s why we know, that a PP furniture of today are of as high, or even maybe higher quality, than a furniture of yesterday.  It is very special to PP Møbler that rather to limit the complexity in the production, to save time, we have increased the quality of standards. Time is an expensive resource, but nevertheless, we believe time spent well now, are time invested well in the future.

All and every part of PP furniture is made in Denmark and made by order.

At PP Møbler we hold strong Danish traditions of craftsmanship and furniture making, and believe it our obligation to pass it on to future generations. Also, we hold strong constantly to re-vitalize the same traditions always pursuing improvements.  In that sense we embrace new technology, as far as it underpins the quality.

That’s why the workshop is placed in Denmark, and why we place maximum insight and responsibility with each individual craftsman providing them with a context within which they can explore a specific field of expertise.

Our craftsmen always are a decisive part of our production because the lifetime of hands that have touched and worked with the materials must always rule over any technology or method.  In this way we can ensure that our future craftsmen will be much more capable than those of the past – this making it possible to produce probably one of the most cared for furniture’s in the world.

All in our production are prepared specifically on request. We customize within the limits of the original design, the final product assembled to the customers desires.

This way customized variations are available accommodating special wishes to choose from different types of wood, fabrics and other materials presented in our catalogue.

We select carefully out all materials used in our production securing an all-round high standard on quality and sustainability.

PP have the exclusive rights to manufacture Wegner’s artisan collection shown on this website. In close collaboration with the Wegner Design Studio the collection stays true to the original designs and ideas of Wegner.

To maintain the best possible ergonomics it requires original templates, Papa bear for example, a piece like this needs to be upholstered after original templates to optimize both the intended shape but also the seating comfort.


Craftsmen, who follow the chair/furniture throughout the process, making sure that each piece is delivered according to PP Møbler standards, handle all pieces. It is a guarantee of, that the product you buy is made by the best selected materials, made by professional cabinet makers and upholsterers, and produced with the highest respect, in every step, for environment and employees.

Each chair comes with a label of authenticity branded into the piece and a certificate that guarantees its originality. On that label and certification follows a unique number always giving access to verifications of provenance and a 5 year’s warranty.




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