Eco Awareness

A tree takes hundreds of years to grow. We would like our furniture - like the trees themselves - to live for hundreds of years

Our wood is of the highest quality possible – coming from a sustainable forest


Longevity of our furniture is key to achieving a more sustainable production, being very aware that using natures resources always will impact the environment.

Therefore, we strongly believe that we are using our wood resources best by making furniture that can withhold usage for hundreds of years. We use all sorts of wood and we never compromise on the quality. The wood is of the very highest quality and is coming from a sustainable forest.

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The PP forest completes a natural circle for PP Møbler. Planting a new forest, digging out new small lakes – a massive buffer against future flooding from heavy rain – creating a sledding hill for the kids and – all in a place used for dumping leftover-earth from building sites.

Today the PP Forest is thriving with life, underpinning bio-diversity providing wet areas and shelter for birds and insects. This is the result of an unusual corporation between PP Møbler, Birkholm Planteskole (the local plant nursery), Forsyning Allerød Rudersdal A/S (the local wastewater company) and Allerød Kommune (Municipality of Allerød).

The project was initiated when PP Møbler contacted the municipality with a request for a piece of land to plant new forest:

“At PP Møbler we always appreciated the Danish woods, and through several generations we have produced furniture that should endure the time it takes a new tree to growth says Master of Craftsmen Søren Holst Pedersen and continues: the fact that we are now planting a forest of the same wood types that we have used for furniture production for 60 years is to us completing a natural circle.”


Financing the PP forest at COP15 in Copenhagen. Both as a symbol and as an actual shape the circle has been vital to the afforestation. The trees were financed when PP Møbler sponsored the climate summit COP15 in Copenhagen 2009 and subsequently sold 90 pieces. On this occasion both the buyer and PP Møbler each donated 200 euro per chair that would finance the forest that has now become real.

“Wood is the only renewable raw material that allows us to produce furniture in compliance with the very essence of the term sustainability.”, says Søren Holst Pedersen and continues: ”We make furniture of genuine quality that withstands generations of daily use, then we will never use more wood than the forests can supply naturally while making home for animals to thrive in, and so the circle of sustainability is concluded.”

With the new forest PP Møbler also wishes to honour the proud traditions for fine furniture making within the town of Allerød. For though PP Møbler is now the only company with furniture production in Allerød, this particular town has been hosting the productions of some of the greatest Danish furniture designers such as Hans Wegner, Arne Jacobsen, Finn Juhl, Poul Kjærholm and Nanna Ditzel.

For this reason, all paths in the new “PP Forest” is named after these famous designers, and there will also be two small paths named after designers of the present time, Søren Ulrik Petersen and Thomas Alken that has both designed furniture for PP Møbler.



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