Jørgen Høj (1925 - 1994)

Designer Jørgen Høj began working with PP Møbler in the 1950s, where he and the workshop created interiors for several shops in Sweden

Designer Jørgen Høj

Originally trained as metal worker and upholsterer, designer Jørgen Høj finished his education at the school for arts and crafts in 1950, and has since had his own drawing office and been working with design, graphics, and interiors.

Jørgen Høj has appeared several times at Håndværkerlaugets’s fall exhibition. The cooperation with PP møbler began in the 1950s, where he and the workshop created interiors for several shops in Sweden.

As a student, he met friend and fellow Dane designer Poul Kjærholm, with whom he shared a progressive creative ideology.

The pair presented a collaborative project Self-Assembled Furniture at the annual exhibition of the Copenhagen Cabinetmakers’ Guild in 1952.

Høj’s furniture and interior designs were decidedly function-driven, and he embraced industrial materials, such as aluminum.

Acclaimed projects include the furnishings for Imperial Biografen and Dagmar Cinema in Copenhagen, besides works for furniture manufacturer Vitsœ and the Royal Hotel, Copenhagen. Beginning in the early 1950s, PP Møbler started a collaboration with Jørgen Høj and designed the interiors of several Swedish shops.

Høj died in 1994.

Jørgen Høj was a student of Poul Kjaerholm, and the designs of Høj are clearly influenced by Kjaerholm. An example is the pp106 chair which is designed by Jørgen Høj and Poul Kjærholm in 1952 for Thorvald Madsen’s Workshop, and it was on the Cabinet Maker’s Guild’s Autumn Exhibition the same year.

PP Møbler resumed the production of pp106 in 1993.



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