Wood materials

PP Møbler is the story of an on-going fascination of wood and its many possibilities

Properties of different wood species

Wood is an amazing material to behold and touch, and it embodies endless possibilities in shaping and treatment.

At PP Møbler, the employee must not only have a sense of shapes, planes, and lines. The sense of the material of the different wood species properties – are at least as important.

The tree is what makes our furniture come alive. Two trees are never alike and, therefore, each piece of furniture is always unique.

Ash is a light, golden species of wood with dark stripes following the direction of the veins. If treated with oil, sun and daylight will cause ash to turn slightly yellow over the years. If treated with lye, the surface is light, which enhances the dark stripes in the wood’s structure.

Ash makes an interesting contrast to darker surroundings, and at PP Møbler we like the light variant of ash. It is beautiful, but also resilient and very strong, making it ideal for cabinet making.

Maple is one of the hardest species of wood, and differs a lot in structure and colour. It has a beautiful light surface with hardly discernible veins. Maple is easy to work with and, if treated with lye, the beautiful surface is enhanced, while it becomes slightly yellowish with oil treatment.

Maple makes a nice contrast to darker surroundings. We always use Danish maple. It is used in the arms for PP 701 and is preferred in producing Wegner’s ‘Valet Chair’ among others.

Beech is a strong species of wood, very common in the Nordic woods. It grows slowly, and has curly veins. We prefer the benign beech trees from Denmark or southern Germany.

The wood is characterized by a hard but easy to work with material, that is highly resistant to pressure. The wood is light yellow or beige, and its clear red/brown veins makes it fit in well with basically anything.

Oak wood has a hard structure but is easy to use, with clear veins in the characteristically golden-brown surface. If treated with oil, the wood turns dark golden, while soap treatment leaves the wood light golden in colour.

Cherry is a beautiful species of wood in yellow and golden brown nuances. Over time, daylight and sun leaves the wood more golden, giving cherry a warm and natural look. We prefer using Danish cherry, which has an amazingly bright colour only improving with age.


PP Møbler only uses mahogany from Honduras. The wood has a classic dark brown colour, which grows darker with age. Mahogany is characterised by its clean uniform structure without knots, chips, or cracks.

Mahogany has fine natural properties. It contains a large amount of oil and salt and this natural ‘treatment’ is highly effective. Thus mahogany demands only a minimum of maintenance.



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