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pp524 | Deck Chair

design — Hans J. Wegner, 1958

The Deck Chair is true to the goal that its name implies. The Deck Chair is a meticulous piece of craftsmanship that forms an archetype for what a luxurious deck chair looks like. Nevertheless, it refers to a number of earlier Wegner designs and its design is derived from the pp512 Folding Chair and the beautiful but rare Dolphin Chairs adding an adjustment mechanism for the back very similar to the one on the pp530 Tub Chair.

Despite the number of references, the Deck Chair seems to be concluded with simple means. It is an elegant and agile recliner, and although it is not made for permanent outdoor use, the flag line and the light construction will encourage one to bring it out to enjoy a sunny afternoon under the blue sky.

Product details

  • Lineart
  • Specifications

    pp524 contrary to its predecessors, has no armrests. The fittings and a stainless steel loop with a strap for safety, allow the chair four different positions.

    pp524 comes with a neck cushion in fabric or leather. A sheep-skin can be delivered separately.

    The flag halyard is available in natural or black. Flag line is made from jute and has a high tensile nylon core for optimal strength covered by a protective sleeve of woven jute. In order to optimise rigidity, the flag line is stretched before it is applied to the chair.

    Adjustable back.
    Included neck cushion.
    Felt pads (optional) available in: white, black, gray, light brown or dark brown.

    Fabric requirement:
    70 x 70 cm

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