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pp68/pp58 | Final Chair

design — Hans J. Wegner, 1987

In the late years of a long glorious career with an extensive line of masterpieces acknowledged worldwide and a number of significant awards already achieved, Hans J. Wegner aged 73 designed the pp68/pp58 as his final round back arm chair.

As a genuinely comfortable, practical, strong, durable and affordable chair, it concludes the line of round back arm chairs that Wegner evolved through four decades based on ideas of good craftsmanship and proper ergonomics.

The design is sleek, offering a redefined version of the pp62/pp52 Captain’s Chair’s back- and armrests while also restraining itself to the practical style of many of Wegner’s earlier chairs, such as the pp505 Cow Horn Chair.

Comprising of solid wood joined with tenons, each joint, proved by testing, to withstand one ton of pulling strength. The chair is designed to be comfortable in alternate seating positions, making it a delightful experience for any occasion.

The Final Chair is a generational piece of craftsmanship, made to last through the ages and to be passed down through generations. It constitutes the core philosophy of both ecological and economical sustainability.

The most common and easiest way to design a more production friendly wooden chair with excellent back support is to steam bend a single length of solid wood cut from 80-100 year old trees.

The semi-conditioned wood is steamed for some hours before it is bent with immense force. The final conditioning after bending takes about 3-4 months. As each tree is unique, depending on the cut of the plank and the nature of the wood grain, so is each armrest. Finished armrests can appear calm or lively and when producing a set of chairs, they are selected for the best possible match


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    pp68/pp58 is optimised to be practical. The short armrests makes it easy to enter and move around the chair. It fits well underneath the table and can also hang from the table top to make cleaning easier. The solid wood tenon joints have been tested to withstand one ton of pulling strength. The combined arm and backrest is made of one piece of solid steam-bent wood.

    pp68 comes with a paper-cord seat in natural colour or black. Paper-cord is pure woven paper and has an incredible tensile strength and durability. Weaving seats takes a lot of experience, the symmetry of the final result depends on an even pull each time the cord is tightened.

    pp58 comes with an upholstered seat in either fabric or leather.

    Felt pads (optional) available in: white, black, gray, light brown or dark brown

    Please note:
    Comes packed in cartons of 2 pieces

    Fabric requirement:
    60 x 60 cm

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    White bio oil


    Clear bio oil



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A strong, final contribution from one of the world’s greatest furniture designers

The simple conclusion to an incredible life’s work

Benefitting from a lifetime of furniture design, Wegner was determined to let this particular chair be guided by all he had learned from his previous experience.



Wegner in the workshop explaining to Ejnar the three main considerations in his work in defining the pp68/pp58:

— The chair provides the correct support for the elbows and the back.

— It has plenty of space below the back rest, allowing correct upright sitting position.

— One can be seated in alternate positions and still be comfortable.



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