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pp970/pp973 | Wooden Tray

design — Jørgen Høj, 1953

The Wooden Tray was the first actual product to be designed for and produced by PP Møbler. It was never, however, really considered as a product but as a gift offered to friends and relatives of the workshop.

With a strict and slim geometry the trays are perfectly aligned with the style of the 1950’s Danish architecture.

The idea of the tray is simple and obvious, as are the demands for accuracy in the details and quality of the material.

Cut from a single piece of wood, thoroughly dried, machined, sanded, soap treated and sanded again, each tray catches a glimpse of the extraordinary respect and enthusiasm for wood that thrives at the workshop of PP Møbler in Denmark.

Product details

  • Lineart
  • Materials



design: Jørgen Høj
design: Thomas E. Alken
design: Ricardo Graham Ferreira



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