Workshop Philosophy

Core values

We strive to reach the most excellent level of quality possible in respect for the trees and the nature on which our production relies and in hopes, that our work will stand the test of time.

Our collection should endure the time it takes a new tree to grow. This requires not only that our products are physically strong and durable, but also that they are functionally relevant and aesthetically attractive.

More than ‘just’ a piece of furniture

The overall stability of the wood we use is vital given the exacting nature of the designs we produce and consequently the longevity of our furniture

Our close collaboration with Wegner has been a fundamental force in the continuing development of our craftsmanship. His masterpieces challenge our skills and keep us on a constant search for a deeper understanding of our materials. In this process, we find great pleasure as we believe our work will be enjoyed for many generations.

Exclusive license

All our products are made under exclusive license agreements with the designer of the product, and we take great care to ensure conformity with the intention and purpose of each design.

We like to make products that challenge our craftsmanship and utilise the materials in an interesting and meaningful way. Occasionally, we introduce new products, but our primary focus is always on improving the quality of our existing collection and ensuring maximum longevity and sustainability.

PP Møbler have the exclusive rights to manufacture Wegner’s artisan collection shown on this website, and we are in close collaboration with the Wegner Design Studio to ensure that the collection stays true to the original designs and ideas of Wegner.

Original production

The quality of our products is deeply rooted in the strong Danish traditions of craftsmanship and furniture making, and we constantly strive to improve our work. We believe it is our obligation to pass on an ever-evolving knowledge base to future generations.

For this reason, we keep our production at its origin, and it is not an option to outsource our current production. On the contrary, we have gradually in-sourced processes like upholstery and weaving over the past decades.

Having our production with a staff accumulating experience over generations makes a firm foundation for further development of our craftsmanship and the quality of our products.

Embrasing technology

Our production is based on good functional design. We do not pursue trends, but focus on developing the quality of our existing collection.

Our workshop is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and machinery, of which much is custom built to meet our specific demands. Consequently, innovation in technology and materials is ongoing, and we never cease to search for ways to improve our work.

Every design at PP Møbler has undergone an evolution from the first piece up to now. That’s why we know, that the quality of a PP product of today is higher than that of yesterday. Instead of limiting the complexity of the production in order to save time, we have increased our quality standards.

Natural solutions

We always prefer natural materials and solutions over synthetic ones, because we think, that the quality of natural materials are far better. We promote soap treatment for wood rather than lacquer, and we extend the use of natural materials in upholstery rather than synthetic foam.

We perform experiments and take part in research to develop new sustainable methods and techniques. We strive to create products that have no negative impact on the environment and provide a sense of natural quality.

Made to order

Our products are made to order. This means that we always do our utmost to match the colour and grain of all parts within a set of chairs as well as the materials allow, and also that we customize choice of fabric and other attributes for each order according to the customers wish providing it complies with our quality standards.

All in our production are prepared specifically on request. We customise within the limits of the original design the final product assembled to the customers’ desires.

This way customised variations are available, accommodating special wishes to choose from different types of wood, fabrics and other materials presented in our catalogue.


A label of authenticity is branded into each piece and a certificate that guarantees its originality is included. Each piece and the accompanying certificate is marked with the initial order number giving access to verifications of provenance and warranty.