Workshop Crafts

Manual shaping

The complicated organic shapes of our products are impossible, or certainly unpractical, to finish by using machines alone. Machines will never be able to sense the subtle nuances in each piece of wood and how to bring vitality through its shape.

Technology and machinery are of enormous assistance to us but we still spend many hours of manual work in shaping. In this process, the craftsmen have to be mindful of the concept behind the design.



The final shape will always be an individual’s interpretation

The craftsman is obliged to read and adapt to the grain of each piece of wood in order to faithfully reach the intended shape with the desired smoothness.

A very important aspect when shaping is the continuous evaluation of ones progress, we depend to a great extent on our eyes, although our hands and fingers are much more important. Only with our hands we can sense the true result of our work.

Wood is a material with a will of its own and it is a lifelong education trying to fully understand it.