Workshop Crafts


Weaving is a good solution for seats and large backrests, as it makes a strong and tense, but still flexible surface that handles heat and moist very well.

At PP we make three different kinds of weaving or stringing: Papercord weaving, flagline stringing and caning.

Papercord weaving

Papercord is simply made of twisted thin un-bleached paper of cellulose from wood chips. It is a strong material when woven in tight patterns, and it will take everyday wear for decades.

Papercord weaving is hard work, but it also requires constant attention and a good sense of the tensions applied in the emerging pattern in order to make a symmetric result.

Flagline stringing

Flagline is a defining component for some of Wegner’s most iconic easy chairs. It has a soft touch, and it is very strong even in open patterns.

The flagline used at PP is produced in Denmark and developed specifically for our needs. It is made of a nylon core with a woven linnen cover.


Cane is a very delicate material carefully cut from the surface of rattan plants. Of all weaving materials, cane material is the most un-refined and can basically be cut in its natural habitats and used directly – much like wood.