Workshop Crafts

Metal work

Many of the pieces in the PP Møbler collection have metal as an essential part of the design. And, as for anything else in the production, it requires true artisans to execute. We only use high-end quality materials, like stainless steel or brass sourced from the best European mills. We strive for excellence in every detail, as with working with wood, always driven by finding the best and most elegant solutions.

In fabricating the base for the Swivel Chair it is necessary to solder the joints with silver. This is a delicate chemical process that requires constant attention balancing several sensitive factors. Silver soldering is extremely strong and accurate, but it is only successful at very high temperatures, however, should the temperature become too high the entire work will be lost.

For most of the metal parts used in the production, we use stainless steel leaving the surface clean and polished, avoiding metal coatings like chrome or nickel.

Shaping metal and soldering joints is a time-consuming manual process where every movement will influence the quality of the final result.