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pp124 | Rocking Chair

design — Hans J. Wegner, 1984

Rocking is a wonderful way to relax and when applied well it will allow a chair to offer some unique features. A well made rocking chair provides various seating angles and is easy to access and exit. With the pp124 Wegner has created a sophisticated and comfortable rocking chair with particular attention to thorough craftsmanship and functionality.

Simple as it may seem making a well-functioning rocking chair is a science of its own, as every position in the rocking movement should feel well balanced. Therefore, the construction has to be carefully measured and also particularly strong, as it must be able to withstand repeated rocking motions.

Furthermore, Wegner has added the element of an open string pattern in the back to provide flexibility in comfort while maintaining a light appearance.

Despite the traditional and straight forward concept, the pp124 offers abundant refinement and well considered solutions in every detail.

Product details

  • Lineart
  • Specifications

    The flag halyard is available in nature or black. Flag line is made from jute and has a high tensile nylon core for optimal strength covered by a protective sleeve of woven jute. In order to optimise rigidity the flag line is stretched before it is applied to the chair.

    The clips connecting the flag halyard come in stainless steel, brass or black.

    Seat and neck cushions come in fabric or leather. The cover for the neck cushion comes in a range of fabrics specifically suited for carrying the cushion.

    Please note:
    The sleeve for the neck cushion is not available in leather
    Some fabrics are not suitable for the cushion sleeve.
    Please consider turning the seat cushion regularly

    Fabric requirement:
    140 x 130 cm

  • 3D Configurator
  • Materials



    White bio oil


    Clear bio oil

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A rocking chair for PP Møbler

“Well, Ejnar. Do you think it’s too prim”

Hans J. Wegner

In the early 1980’s Wegner thought that a rocking chair would fit well into the developing line of products at PP Møbler. He decided that a PP Møbler rocking chair should be more comfortable and it should also include a more significant reference to the craftsmanship put into its creation than any of his previous rocking chairs.

Despite the many efforts and good intentions embodied in this design by Wegner, it didn’t make it into production. Ejnar Pedersen thought it was too ‘prim’.

Upon that remark Wegner left the workshop unhappy and didn’t return until two weeks later. By that time he had designed a new version of the Rocking Chair with the characteristic flag halyard work in the back. “Well, Ejnar” Wegner asked. “How do you like this one?”. “That’s a PP!” Ejnar replied.

This gentle controversy later became a standard comment from Wegner, “Well, Ejnar. Do you think it’s too prim”, he would say whenever they evaluated a design.

The concept of a rocking chair was common in traditional American Shaker furniture and culture. The Shakers, an early Christian sect founded mid 18th century, were the first and only Christian denomination to support racial and gender equality at the time. Their unique minimalist style made a significant impact on American and European furniture. The pp124 Rocking Chair is a testament to their contributions, although the wood work, comfort and style is destinct Wegner.



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