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pp19 | Papa Bear Chair

design — Hans J. Wegner, 1951

Be embraced by the great bear paws of this all time comfortable easy chair.

Consider it an investment for life as gifted Danish craftsmen spend a minimum of two weeks hand crafting each chair to the highest standards.


The Papa Bear Chair stands as the archetype for a comfortable easy chair. The strong solid wooden frame constitutes the foundation on which the comprehensive and detailed upholstery work is built.

Four natural materials constitute the comfortable upholstery, cotton, palm leaves, flax fibre, horsehair, and of course metal springs providing sensitive support for the back.

With this kind of genuine upholstery you will have a chair that will wear in rather than wear out. This chair will be softer and even more comfortable with use.

Initiating production of the frames in 1953, the Papa Bear Chair was the first Hans J. Wegner design to be produced at PP Møbler and marks the beginning of a life long passionate collaboration involving generations of craftsmen and countless hours of work in the workshop developing prototypes and production techniques for numerous Wegner models, yet the Papa Bear Chair remains the most exclusive piece of them all.


We build up the shapes gradually with traditional and natural upholstery materials. This process requires experience and days of manual work.

A number of different materials with unique properties are used to build up the shape. Plant fibres constitute the basic profile of the sides of the chair where sturdiness is crucial while coil springs are sewn onto jute straps in the back to provide flexible support. The inside of the frame is covered with horsehair and cotton. Finally, the ergonomic shape of the back is carefully adjusted by tightening the buttons. 

Product details

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  • Specifications

    pp19 comes in fabric or leather. Seat cushion, piping and buttons can be customized with leathers and fabrics different from the main upholstery.

    Tow plant fibre material is used to make the basic shapes. This material makes a dense compound and serves as a foundation for the softer materials.

    Horse hair has a springy effect and can be shaped.

    Cotton is used as the final layer before the fabric. The cotton softens the touch of the upholstery and evens out the surface.

    Dried palm leaves are used as filler because it can be shaped but remains quite stiff. The palm leaves are only used on the outside of the chair where there is a minimum of wear from daily use.

    Coil springs are fundamental to the comfortable support for the back in the Papa Bear Chair. The coil springs are sewn into bags of linen fabric and then attached to jute straps that are stretched down the length of the back.

    Buttons and piping: Standard leather (optional) or same as the chair
    Felt pads (optional) available in: white, black, gray, light brown or dark brown

    Please note:
    Is to be regarded as special order
    Customers own material on request

    Fabric requirement:
    460 cm

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    White bio oil


    Clear bio oil

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