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pp530 | Tub Chair

design — Hans J. Wegner, 1954

Conceived in 1954 the Tub Chair was a pioneering experiment and it turned out to be the most advanced shell chair design Wegner created as the back of the chair is a complicated double bent shell comprising of two individual shapes. One that is bent and one that is both bent and twisted.

Even besides the complexity of the back, the Tub Chair is an interesting fusion, where Wegner merged the moulded plywood technique with upholstery and traditional work in solid wood, even adding a metal angle adjustment mechanism for the back.

The Tub Chair is a striking and brilliant example of Wegner’s vision and innovative courage, and still it is a most practical, usable and comfortable chair.

It was not technically possible to produce the Tub Chair in a rational way during the lifetime of Wegner, and only few prototypes exist from 1954.

As our techniques have developed, PP Møbler was able to introduce this great tribute and bold design in celebration of the 100 years anniversary of Wegner in 2014.

Double bent wooden shells

In the 1940’s and 50’s leading designers like Ray & Charles Eames, Alvar Alto and Arne Jacobsen created some highly innovative and iconic chairs exploring the full potential of this technique. They all had to comply with the limitation that veneer, like paper, can only be bent in one direction at a time. It is by principle impossible to make a double bent shell made of veneer. Wegner challenged this principle in 1954, when he created the Tub Chair.

The concept of the back shell was daring and as Wegner combined it with upholstery, fine woodwork and even an elegant metal mechanism to adjust the angle of the back, he created an iconic chair unlike anything else. At that time the Tub Chair was impossible to produce and only a few prototypes were made.

In 2003 the 3D veneer technique was introduced. By slicing up the veneer into 1 millimetre wide strips it is now possible to bend wood shells in two directions. The Tub Chair finally made it into production in 2014.

Product details

  • Lineart
  • Specifications

    Moulding shells of wood is a part of laminating technology. Gluing layers of veneer makes it possible to produce large curved constructions that are light and strong. At PP Møbler we use this technique for making the seats for upholstery.

    Adjustable back

    Felt pads for front legs (optional) available in: white, black, gray, light brown or dark brown

    Fabric requirement:
    130 x 320 cm

  • 3D Configurator
  • Materials



    White bio oil


    Clear bio oil

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