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design — Hans J. Wegner, 1950

A simple and elegant chair that easily fits into a modest living room. Prudent in every detail, reliant and optimized for comfort, this is a chair to make you feel at home.

The arms are slim, but carefully shaped to provide adequate support while inviting to sense the joy of solid wood. The back is upholstered with internal springs, the seat is supported by suspended springs, and both are fitted with horsehair and cotton for optimal comfort and durability.

Hans J. Wegner designed the pp16 for the renowned Copenhagen upholstery workshop AP Stolen in 1950 – one year prior to designing the Papa Bear Chair for the same company. PP Møbler reissued production of this chair in 2023.

Product details

  • Lineart
  • Materials



    White bio oil


The concept of creating a space for modern residential living with a dedicated area for conversation and relaxation was one that Wegner worked on from the very beginning of his career as a furniture designer.

The first design by Wegner ever to enter production was a low comfortable easy chair with a very expressive and daring construction. It was introduced at the Cabinetmaker’s Guild’s Autumn Exhibition in 1938 and was made by cabinetmaker Ove Lander. The basic concept of this chair seems to have become a role model for the later creation of the pp16.



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