Workshop History

The Family

The first generation was a strong team of two brothers Ejnar and Lars Peder Pedersen.


Lars Peder was a man of the workshop with extraordinary skills. His leadership and enthusiasm created an atmosphere that inspired his craftsmen to achieve high standards which gained the Company a reputation for outstanding quality.


Ejnar Pedersen was more of a creative thinker with a strong network of architects and designers. His frequent experiments and the making of prototypes led to the close friendship and collaboration with Hans J. Wegner that has become the cornerstone of the development of our brand.

photo: Tage Nielsen

Year 1977

In 1977 Lars Peder Pedersen retired from the daily management of the Company passing the responsibility for the business to his brother, Ejnar.

In the same year Ejnar’s son, Søren Holst Pedersen joined the company and began to modernize the workshop with state of the art machinery and wood technology to improve the accuracy of our work and elaborate our craft capabilities.

Year 2001

Søren Holst’s son Kasper Holst Pedersen became the third generation to join the Company in 2001.

Building on the foundations of previous generations, Kasper’s first focus was on the implementation of the new computer aided technologies that Søren had worked for more than 10 years to be able to install. Meeting his future wife Katja later in 2001 together with Katja and Kasper initiates a stronger focus on the PP brand in order to increase sales and maintain healthy growth for the business.

Like the founders, Kasper is a skilled cabinetmaker with a desire to push the boundaries of design and crafts.

A friendship and partnership

The close relationship to Hans J. Wegner and his family has developed through generations with one clear common objective to secure the future of fine danish furniture crafts by making the most elaborate and sophisticated high quality production possible


Year 2020

In 2020 co-founder and grandfather to Kasper, Ejnar Pedersen died at the age of 97, and Kasper’s father Søren retired.

Today Kasper Holst Pedersen is running PP Møbler as the 3rd generation of the PP family together with his wife Katja and highly skilled and passionate staff of more than 60 people.