Workshop — History

The craftsmen

PP Møbler is a place for people to endulge in crafts. As time has passed, many dedicated people have spent large parts of their lifes pushing their skills and striving for ever higher quality within the boundaries of our workshop. Some people stay for some time and move on to other adventures. Some stay for life.

“The staff at PP Møbler consists of highly skilled artisans who work seriously with even the smallest details. Nothing is left to chance. I like to spend time with people who like their work and who take great pleasure in creating the most beautiful result possible.”

Hans J. Wegner

The staff of 1954

The staff of 1954 where 10 craftsmen including the brothers Ejnar and Lars Peder Pedersen. Ejnar’s wife Kirsten took care of the staff and made sure to help them even with personal matters, so they could put their full efforts into their work.


Henry Fisker joins PP Møbler in 1955

In 1955 the staff had grown to 13. Henry Fisker has joined the company, and much of this staff will stay for decades.


In 1978 the staff was still relatively small

By 1978 the staff was still relatively small mainly due to the tough conditions for business. It was a time when most of the good workshops in Denmark closed down, and industrialization threatened the future of danish furniture crafts. Co-founder Ejnar Pedersen’s son Søren has joined the company and for a brief period also his wife Susanne. They lived in the small house right next to the workshop. The 4 year old boy on the picture is Søren’s son Kasper.


The PP staf of 1980


The late 1980's

By the late 1980’s the staff had grown to about 20 people and more young people joined, some of which are still with PP today.


PP Møbler in 1988


Transition of leadership in 1998

In 1998 co-founder Ejnar Pedersen backed by his most experienced staff is preparing the formal transition of leadership to the next generation. Ejnar’s older brother and co-founder Lars Peder Pedersen is still active in the workshop at an age of about 80 years.


The new millennium the staff

Entering the new millennium the staff is extended with a few upholster workers as PP has established a small workspace for upholstery on the occasion of re-issuing the production of the pp19 Papa Bear Chair by Wegner. Ejnar’s son Søren is managing PP with his son Kasper having joined the company in 2001. Founders Ejnar and Lars Peder Pedersen remains active.


On the 20th of March 2004 Henry Fisker celebrated 50 years at PP Møbler

On the 20th of March 2004, PP Møbler’s legendary Master of Crafts, Henry Fisker celebrated 50 years at PP Møbler. On the occasion, he was awarded the Queen’s medal of honor for loyal service.


2011 master craftsman Berner Mogensen marked his 40 years anniversary at PP Møbler

Later in 2011 master craftsman Berner Mogensen marked his 40 years anniversary at PP Møbler. An impressive record given the fact that prior to his employment at PP he worked at Arne Vodder’s workshop for 25 years making the classics of Finn Juhl.


The 2010's

Through the 2010’s as the sales increased, PP grew the staff gradually creating a broader foundation of experience for the future production. The staff now holds many different fields of crafts and specialists within all aspects of wood work as well as upholstery and weaving.

Administration is expanding and sales office is also being established within the company. The management is formed by 2nd generation Søren and 3rd generation Kasper, and co-founder Ejnar works relentlessly as a mentor still inspiring the staff and pushing for progress.