Workshop History


At PP Møbler we are driven by our passion for design and enjoy the ongoing dialogue with creative professionals. We have collaborated in making numerous prototypes with many skilled designers, architects and artists.

Our workshop has been a design laboratory willing to explore the experimental aspects of crafts, challenging the conventional methods of production.

Danish designer Nanna Ditzel expressed it this way, “When everyone else says it can’t be done, I always turn to PP.”

Quite immediately upon the establishment of PP Møbler the first prototype of a new design by Nanna and Jørgen Ditzel was conceived in our workshop. The Pot Chair was designed for AP Stolen, who by then produced the Papa Bear Chair, and so the initial connection
to Hans J. Wegner was established.

The strong will to experiment is clearly expressed in the many early conceptual prototypes conducted with Gunnar Aagaard Andersen.

Countless designers, artist and artisans have experienced the physical manifestation of their inspiring ideas and daring concepts at our workshop.

A few of them made it to production. Most of them remained an experiment. All of them have given us new insight into the nature of our materials and craftsmanship.